Tips for How to Add a Phone Line to Your Home

Phone LineIf you want to install more than one phone line in your home to keep it from getting tied up, you can usually install two separate phone lines from your existing wiring if you already have relatively modern telephone wiring.

Phone wiring is low voltage, but if the phone rings while you are holding a wire, you will get a jolt. So go outside to the phone service box, open the right-hand side, and disconnect line one and line two. Next, remove the cover on the phone jack in your house and look at the wires. If you have at least four wires visible, you can add a second line.

On older systems, you should see a black, yellow, green, and red wire. Line one uses green and red; line two is black and yellow. The wires in the jack are probably already connected. If not, strip off a half inch of the plastic coating on the end of the unconnected wires and fasten them under the two unused screws. If your phone doesn’t work later, just reverse the two wires. Purchase a splitter

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DIY Tips For How To Install Home Security Lights

Home Security LightsIf you’ve ever had your home broken into, you know the sense of violation it leaves behind. Homes are private spaces, and they’re supposed to be free of public intrusion. And quite often these days, they’re work spaces too, crammed with computers, scanners and fax machines alongside all the expensive equipment and pricey toys that define our leisure hours–just the things that turn your home into a target.

So how do you safeguard against intrusion and theft? There are two common approaches–high-tech and low-tech–and both start with the understanding that if a professional thief really wants to get in, it will probably happen. So protection in the real world is a matter of degree.

The reasonable assumption is that most thieves are opportunists, and they’ll choose an easier target over a more difficult one most of the time. If it takes too long to gain entry, if breaking in will create too much noise, and if once inside, there are still further obstacles such as motion sensors and alarms, then the chances of getting caught increase. If you do enough of the right

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Hiring a Lighting Designer

lighting_00003One of the most overlooked aspects of remodeling and new home construction is proper and creative lighting. A well-thought-out lighting scheme is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make. Whether the project is a low-budget basement renovation or a completely new home, the time to think about lighting is before you drive the first nail.

So how do you start? In many projects a professional lighting designer can provide the services you need to ensure that your home takes full advantage of all of the creative possibilities that a good lighting scheme can provide. Following are answers to some important questions for you to consider.

What is a lighting designer?

A professional lighting designer is a person with a degree in architecture, interior architecture, or interior design with advanced studies in lighting design, or an engineer with a degree in the art and science of lighting.

What is the scope of service a lighting professional can provide?

A professional lighting designer should provide the following services for the homeowner:

  • A specification binder with written description and related information provided on all of the lighting fixtures chosen for
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User Friendly and Cost Effective, Ready To Assemble Bathroom Cabinets

For every home cabinets are common household item. You will find cabinets in different materials such as wood, steel, glass, aluminum and fiber. However the material and design of the cabinets will depend on the customer demand and usability. Today all wood kitchen cabinets are mostly demanded for their environmentally friendly materials and cost effectiveness. RTA cabinets are also considered as user friendly because of the services that accompany these cabinets. Since they are delivered to the customers and they are easy to assemble their popularity is growing due to these different user friendly aspects leading to surge in their sale.

All wood cabinets are easy to assemble though brought in different parts they are easily installed with their unique designs and structures. Ready to assemble bathroom cabinets and the parts of the cabinet or that you wish to assemble are readily delivered to your home. These cabinet and other related merchandise comes with step-by-step instruction manuals for the customers to use with ease. Tips and guides to maintain and clean them according to the materials of which they are made are also included along with the cabinet. Customers find that they can save on costs incurred by employment of labor.


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Cleaning rags Greater Manchester

Both residential and commercial owners need cleaning supplies of various kinds and for different purposes. There are many janitorial supplies Greater Manchester to choose from nowadays and they can be selected according to the items that have to be cleaned and even the basic products that every person should own. For instance, cleaning rags Greater Manchester are of great use, since without them it is rather difficult to use specific cleaning products. These can be reusable, you can wash them after each use or they can be disposable.

Janitorial supplies Greater Manchester can be purchased by category, for laundry, the dishes, floors, bathrooms and such. Nowadays there are a lot of products out there, from different brands and in various quantities. Not to mention that some have different scents, to make a room smell better and give the feeling that it was thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. For each category it is important to make the right decision upon products. Take for instance laundry supplies; you need to choose between softeners, bleach, detergents to remove stains and so. In this case, how they smell contributes a lot to the decision, as nothing compares with the smell of clean sheets.

The same goes for

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Nagzira National Park, Kanha National Park


The Nagzira wildlife sanctuary is a miraculously preserved “Green Oasis” in the eastern most part of the Maharashtra State and has a great importance from bio-diversity conservation point of view. This sanctuary is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with picturesque landscapes, luxuriant vegetation and serves as living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature. This wildlife sanctuary is indeed nature’s priceless asset and beckons One and all to enjoy its picturesque landscape, its scenic beauty, its pure and fresh air.

Getting there:

The nearest airport is Nagpur. 140 kms away.

The nearest bus stand is Sakoli, 22 kms away.

Close by railway stations are Nagpur (130 kms), Gondia (45 kms) and Bhandara (75 kms).


Situated in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s unforgettable classic Jungle Book. The romance of the Kanha National Park has not reduced over time-it is still as beautiful. Today Kanha is among the few most scenic and beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia. This ‘Tiger Country’ is the ideal home for both predator and prey. By far the most striking features of this region are the open grassy meadows, where sighting blackbuck, swamp deer,

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Professional Painter is ready to Help!

Do you live in Boston and you think it is necessary to re paint your house since it looks too old right now or you are about to find the help since you got a new house and need to be painted with the right way and so you can get the satisfying result? If that so, then you are really lucky today! Here, we are going to recommend you a rely – able painter that will let their hands to help you painting your house for whether getting the new look ( for retouching paint ) or for paint it for the very first time if that is the new house which is just built.

Let us introduce you with the professional painter that available in Boston. That is the Marshfield Massachusetts Painters; the very professional painter which you can rely on to handle your home painting necessity. For you who live in Boston and need the help of the painter master, then you are finding the best of the best painter here. Yes, we understand that there are many kinds of painters here who claim themselves as the best and the

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Cockroach Control

Cockroach control is one of the single most challenging pest control issues out there. Unfortunately, choosing any single method of cockroach extermination is setting yourself up for failure. Cockroaches are just too geared towards survival for any one method to do the trick. Instead, the best method of cockroach control is a comprehensive plan that includes keeping a sanitary home along with the use of baits, dusts, pheromone traps, growth regulators, and when necessary, insecticides.

Keep a Clean House
In order to combat a cockroach control problem, it’s important to understand how these bugs think. Cockroaches in house are survivors, and as such their primary concerns include eating, drinking, and making more cockroaches. As long as there’s shelter and a source of food and water present, they will do their best to make themselves at home. That being said, the first step in any cockroach extermination is making things a little less hospitable. Make sure all foodstuffs are sealed and stored away when they’re not being used and never leave food out that’s not being eaten. That includes dirty dishes, old pizza boxes, crumbs on the floor, even dog food should be put away at night. Also, be sure to fix

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